Supps the Pros Take: Pro Strongman Jerry Pritchet

Supplement timing is the most frequent question we get. Your body repairs itself primarily after training and when we sleep. So being prepared with Protein, BCAA’s and quality fats are the major keys to recovery.

5X World’s Strongest Man finalist and ALR Industries athlete Jerry Pritchett joined the team at the time of ALR’s relaunch of Humapro™. Humapro™ and Chain’d Out are mainstays of all strength athletes when it comes to healthy regeneration and recovery. The big man from Glendale, Arizona recently broke the American record in the deadlift at the 2016 Arnold Strongman Classic. No American had ever pulled 1,000lbs in competition, but Jerry did and then some. He attributes his ability to recover from his massive poundage for months of training to Humapro™ and Chain’d Out.

Fast forward to June at the World Deadlift Championships and Jerry bumped that 1,006lbs to a tidy 1,025lbs.  Look out World’s Strongest Man, Humapro and Chain’d Out are coming to the party.

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