Lumo Run: Faster, Farther, Safer

Think you’ve seen it all when it comes to activity trackers? Lumo Run will make you think again. This is a serious tracker for athletes wanting to take it to the next level. Lumo Run combines the powerful data of a running lab with the personal attention of a coach to help you run your best while helping you to train smarter, harder, and better to continuously push yourself to new limits. Set goals, beat them, and repeat with real time audio coaching. Lumo Run measures cadence, bounce, braking, pelvic drop and rotation with a small sensor that attaches to the back of your running shorts for an easy, seamless experience. Just clip on, get set and get running.


The Lumo Run’s lab-grade 9-axis sensor and advanced algorithms capture accurate running biomechanics through core body movements. To determine these key metrics for targeted form, Lumo Run is based on sports biomechanics research on distance running done at Loughborough University in the UK. Their state-of-the-art research has created new knowledge about running technique, identifying key characteristics for more efficient running form.

The Lumo Run sensor fits into a custom designed pocket in shorts or capris, giving you on-demand feedback during your run.  $129.99

Science & Fitness Tech Editor
Science & Fitness Tech Editor for RESULTS Magazine.

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